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About Ingel

Ingel Soong Tutor Physics Chemistry Mathematics awards

Ingel is an expert in tutoring and he has been teaching for over 14 years in JC/IP/IB/Poly for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. He is assisted by his trusty aides Kobe and Truffles. Find Ingel on Google.


Maths Ahead Grade 7 Teacher’s Guide Maths Ahead Grade 8 Teacher’s Guide Maths Ahead Grade 9 Teacher’s Guide – with Marshall Cavendish Education

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Ingel Soong NUS Certificate


  • Awarded AI for Industry – Practical Foundations in AI with Python (Intel, Microsoft)



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  • Only undergraduate to be invited to taught in NUS for Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics.
  • First Class Honours Degree in the elite Engineering Science Programme from the National University of Singapore.
  • Consistently on Dean’s List every year (only 3 out of 30+ students awarded A for each module)
Ingel Soong Dean's List 2009 2010
NUS Dean’s List 2009-2010
Ingel Soong Dean's List 2008 2009
NUS Dean’s List 2008-2009

Ingel's Scholarship


Dialogue with Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Beijing China

Dialogue with Lee Kuan Yew Beijing China

California Institute of Technology Einstein Paper Project, Los Angeles USA

Einsteins Paper Project

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab JPL, Los Angeles USA

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab JPL

NASA JPL Mars Rover Spirit, Los Angeles USA

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Mars Rover Spirit

With Colleagues at Osaka University, Osaka Japan

Osaka University

Tsinghua University, Beijing China

Tsinghua University


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