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Here are some great and free cheat sheets and O Level and A Level study notes (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology and more) and resources you will find useful.
Apart from the top tips for A Level success (or O Level) and tricks I’ve shared,
you might also find more study tips here on how to get A in A Level or O Level.

The guides and revision sites I’ve compiled are:

1. Tick
Tick is managed by a team of volunteers – Sai, Jiahai, Heather, Praveen, Chun Man, Keane, Tammy, Shahruj, Syafiq and they are looking for more to join their cause.
Through Tick, resources can be shared within and across student communities, enabling users to access and build upon a peer-to-peer learning environment.
They believe that by facilitating such communal, generational learning, the loop between students and alumni can be closed, creating a learning cycle that grows with each new class of students, rather than simply repeating itself each year.
There is a broad spectrum of notes available, with subjects ranging from O Levels, A Levels and International Baccalaureate (IB).
More curriculum such as SAT will also be added.


tick subjects


tick enzymes


2. OwlCove
Owlcove is a free, non-commercial project started by Jerrold, Zhicong, Jowen and Zhaofeng to help students learn at their own pace, share knowledge, and discuss ideas.
On OwlCove, one can learn from summarised notes shared by others, share your own materials and engage in academic discussions.
I like how the notes are handcrafted by the team and other volunteers.
A non-profit website, I find it similar to Wikipedia albeit more targeted and focused in fulfilling the needs of the target students. notes
3. TheNotesRefinery
TheNotesRefinery is created by a group of University students who have completed their A Levels and wish to facilitate the collaborative notes sharing process and to allow students to improve on their notes and their understanding of different subjects together.
4. ChemLectures by Mr Chua Tung Kian is a compilation of YouTube videos aimed at students taking O Levels Chemistry.
There are 19 videos in total, each targeting a specific Chemistry topic.
Judging from the popularity of the videos (each >10k views), you can imagine the usefulness of the videos.
Most videos are short, but some can rake up to 1.5 hours.
Do take the time to check them out. videos
5. Revision World
Revision World, run by Keith and team, is a UK-based website that offers studying notes with comprehensive details on each sub-topics.
Videos often accompany the preceding concepts.
The education materials are written by their team of freelance teachers who provide their services to ensure their materials are of the highest standard.
revisionworld subjects
revisionvideos binomial distribution
revisionworld Isomerism
Sam provides a concise summary for topics for Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Biology and even French on alevelnotes.
Its clean and uncluttered surface makes studying much easier.
alevelnotes Thermochemistry
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