Singapore Education System

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Singapore Education System

In Singapore Education System, there are six years of primary school, where the curriculum for primary schools is common for all students in years one to four. This is followed by four to six years of secondary school, one to three years of postsecondary school.

Singapore Education Pathway

Here is a detailed overview of the different educational pathways a Singaporean student can take for post-secondary education.
Educational Pathway

Map of Post-Secondary Education Institutions’ Locations in Singapore

These 2 maps show the location of the various Education Institutes’ locations in Singapore.
JCs in Singapore

Polytechnics in Singapore

Source: National Youth Sports Institute

Moving Towards a Multi-Path Educational System

Singapore will be moving towards adopting some of the best elements from the Swiss educational system.
The end goal will be a multi-path educational system that will produce a spectrum of qualifications though different modes and they can be achieved during different times and stages of a student’s life.
The Swiss dual study system, combining classroom-based lessons and workplace-sited apprenticeship training provides an alternate pathway for cultivating talent on top of vocational training.
Education and industries are intertwined and there is deep participation of industries.

Parents and children and choose either academic or apprenticeship routes based on interests, passion and aptitudes.
Success and achievements of different forms are embraced and celebrated.
On one hand, however, a strong apprenticeship system will prepare student well for work and employability.
On the other, being overly specialised expose students to technological disruptions that can make their skill sets irrelevant.

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