The Spotlight Method


The Spotlight Method

To Ingel, students’ results are everything.

For the past 15 years, Ingel’s spotlight method has been consistently helping students achieve their desired results.

1. Integrating the Syllabus

The Spotlight Method aims to provide students with a holistic overview of the content (“the big picture”), while drawing their attentions to important tiny details other students are commonly penalised for.

The First-Principles for the conceptual knowledge are derived in front of students to show them how “everything comes together”.

Learning objectives and frequently tested concepts are heavily emphasised and drilled into students to maximise their examination performances.

2. Adoption and Adaptation 

Concepts are made clear and memorable with the use of clever and impressionable analogies.

Answering techniques will also be imparted to students so that they know what examiners are looking for and how to apply keywords.

Once students are able to adopt the basic underlying principles for every concept, they will be able to adapt their question solving strategies to a variety of questions with ease.

3. Maximum Results with Lesser Efforts

There is a vast difference between putting in studying hours and “effective studying hours”.

Similarly, not all content should be paid with the same amount of attention.

The Spotlight Method adopts a Pareto basis on help students channel their studying efforts to where they can be effectively employed.

This is especially the case where students have to cope with multiple co-curricular activities.

Students using Ingel’s Spotlight Method should feel they could achieve more with less.