O Level Physics Topics


The following O Level Physics topics will be covered in Ingel’s classes:


I. Measurement
1. Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement

II. Newtonian Mechanics
2. Kinematics
3. Dynamics
4. Mass, Weight and Density
5. Turning Effect of Forces
6. Pressure
7. Energy, Work and Power

III. Thermal Physics
8. Kinetic Model of Matter
9. Transfer of Thermal Energy
10. Temperature
11. Thermal Properties of Matter

IV. Waves
12. General Wave Properties
13. Light
14. Electromagnetic Spectrum
15. Sound

V. Electricity and Magnetism
16. Static Electricity
17. Current of Electricity
18. D.C. Circuits
19. Practical Electricity
20. Magnetism
21. Electromagnetism
22. Electromagnetic Induction

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