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Hundreds of parents have selected Ingel for their child’s tuition NOT because he offers the lowest rate.
Find out why

You Deserve Customised Tutoring, Not Mass-Market. (Get burgers from In-N-Out, not McDonald’s).

Unlike tutors who teach a whopping large number of students in a mass-market fashion, Ingel prefers a boutique-style of tutoring with small class sizes. This allows relationship built on trust and students are not hesitant to ask questions in class.

Ingel knows the strengths and weaknesses (and CCAs) of each and every student. He provides regular updates and devise studying strategies with parents. In certain cases, he will not hesitate to discipline the students for their sake (with the blessing of parents).

It’s for quality control why In-N-Out Burgers will never franchise their restaurants. It’s for the same reason why Ingel is willing to conduct lessons past midnight for his students. If you are looking for mass-produced “burgers” with sleek marketing videos, go for McDonald’s. But understand for yourself why so many students rejected McDonald’s and opt to become In-N-Out fans.

Ingel’s Beliefs

When Ingel teaches, he believes students should be learning in the most efficient manner possible.
The way he does it is to impart learning techniques that are simple to remember, and easy to apply.
Ingel also doesn’t believe in specialisation – why not get taught for 3 different subjects for the price of 1? He is the only supertutor to integrate lessons from all 3 subjects and show how they are being applied in real-life situations.

He also doesn’t believe in collecting more academic certificates such as MScs, PhDs to justify his credibility.

About Ingel

Ingel is an expert in tutoring and he has been teaching for over 13 years in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. He holds a First Class Honours Degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore and has been consistently on Dean’s List. He had also been awarded numerous scholarships at California Institute of Technology (#2 in the World, only Engineering student in NUS selected), Tsinghua University (#1 in China) and Osaka University (#2 in Japan). He has also completed NUS Undergraduate Opportunities Research Programme (UROP) in just his first year of college. In his Junior College days, he was ranked among the top 1% of his cohort and attained full distinctions for then Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Ingel represented his JC in the Chemistry Olympiad Competition. Not all distinctions are created equally. Hailing from a less-privileged background meant he never had tuition throughout his academic life and has to derive the best efficient studying system. He now imparts his learning system to his students.

Academic Track Record


Ingel has taught hundreds of students to date. Following list shows some of the schools Ingel’s students were from:

Junior Colleges


Secondary Schools

Books Published

Ingel has published a number of children books, sold in online bookstores such as Taobao, dangdang.com and also available in National Library Board. Read more on Baidu here.







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