DSA 2020


Direct School Admissions – DSA 2020

What is the DSA?

The DSA scheme helps to recognises talent in non-academic areas such as sports and the arts, and grants Primary 6 pupils places in secondary schools before they sit for PSLE.

When are the applications open?

DSA application for admission to secondary schools and junior colleges in 2021 will open on Tuesday 12th May 2020 9am to 5th June 2020 5pm. The selection period for the DSA secondary schools is from July 1 to Sept 14, while the period for DSA junior colleges is from June 29 to Sept 4.

How will the selection be conducted?

The selection process will be conducted online with no physical trials or face-to-face interviews. Students may be asked to do simple pencil sketches or musical performances to demonstrate their talents.

How many students will be selected

MOE will try to take in as many students as it did last year or 3,500 students.

Where can I find the application portal?

The portal can be accessed here.

What are the steps to apply?

  • STEP 1: Login
    Access the DSA portal using SingPass of one parent.
  • STEP 2: Choices of Talent and DSA School
    Indicate up to 3 choices of talent areas and schools.
    Of the 3 choices, a maximum of 2 choices can be used to apply to the same school, for 2 different talent areas.
  • STEP 3: Non-school based Awards/Activities (Optional)
    You may indicate up to 10 non-school based awards/activities related to the selected talent area(s), if applicable. Each award/activity description is limited to 300 characters.
  • STEP 4: Contact Details
    Provide contact details.
  • STEP 5: Verify Information and Submit Application
    Verify your DSA choice(s), non-school based awards/activities (optional) and contact details.
    Submit application.

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