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IB HL and SL Chemistry Syllabus

The following IB HL and SL Chemistry Syllabus will be covered in Ingel’s class:


1. Stoichiometric relationships
2. Atomic structure
3. Periodicity
4. Chemical bonding and structure
5. Energetics/thermochemistry
6. Chemical kinetics
7. Equilibrium
8. Acids and bases
9. Redox processes
10. Organic chemistry
11. Measurement and data processing

Additional Higher Level

12. Atomic structure
13. The periodic table—the transition metals
14. Chemical bonding and structure
15. Energetics/thermochemistry
16. Chemical kinetics
17. Equilibrium
18. Acids and bases
19. Redox processes
20. Organic chemistry
21. Measurement and analysis


A. Materials
B. Biochemistry
C. Energy
D. Medicinal chemistry

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